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The liver deserves a lot more credit than we give it. When was the last time you thought about your liver? If you replied almost never, you’re a lucky fish. But it’s time to really invest in our liver health. So, let’s start with a basic understanding of the importance of our liver.

The liver’s job is kind of a big deal

Our liver filters blood coming from the digestive tract, then releases it to the rest of the body. During all of this, it’s also working hard to detoxify any chemicals and to metabolise drugs in our system. Our liver secretes bile, which helps our body to break down fats and prepares them for further digestion and absorption. “Bile also helps to carry other toxins and by-products from the liver out of the body” according to TED-ed.

How to support liver function

According to the World Gastroenterology Organisation, around 50 million people around the world are impacted by chronic liver disease. It’s also estimated that cirrhosis will be the 12th leading cause of death in 2020. So, how do you support liver function? A healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet, routine exercise, responsible alcohol consumption, and avoiding toxins in everyday products can all contribute to a healthier liver. Foods like garlic, citrus fruits, cruciferous vegetables, and avocados are all well received by your liver.

Using naturally-derived products to support liver function

Releaf Milk Thistle is a product of natural origin to help with protecting your liver and supporting liver function. Milk Thistle is a flowering plant that has long been used to aid in alleviating liver related problems. The active ingredient in milk thistle, silymarin, acts as an antioxidant by reducing free radical production and may create a detoxifying effect that helps to reduce liver inflammation and liver damage.

If you’re interested in using Releaf Milk Thistle as a way to support liver function, you can shop it online or in-store via leading pharmacies and health stores. If you have any questions, you can message us or call up your health care practitioner.

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