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You know in the movies, when the doctor takes the patient’s temperature and suddenly rushes into action because it’s a few degrees higher than usual? Well, it’s not just our temperate that works like that. Inside us all, we have an impressive balance of acids and alkali. We measure it by pH, normally between 7.35 – 7.45 for humans. But just like with our temperature, if our pH balance is off it usually means there might be something wrong. Or some implications are soon to follow. So, why’s it so important to maintain an acid-alkaline balance and what are natural antacid products?

Maintaining an acid-alkaline balance

Your body works really hard to make sure it’s functioning at a good acid-alkaline level. Your lungs help to control your pH by releasing acidic carbon dioxide, reducing the acidity in your body. Your kidneys play a role too: they excrete acids and bases. (Bases neutralise acids) Although, it’s not quite as fast as the lungs. When your body is out of balance, you’re susceptible to two conditions on the opposite sides of acidity and alkali spectrum. Too much acid in your blood can lead to acidosis, while too many bases can lead to alkalosis. These can span from respiratory to metabolic conditions for each extreme.

Using natural antacid products

The food we consume is largely acidic and lacks an alkaline base to soothe and balance the levels in your body, which can lead to heartburn, headaches, gout, and impact your overall health and energy levels. Taking a natural antacid product can help to relieve symptoms of an overly acidic body, especially in the stomach. Releaf Alkaline Tablets act as a natural antacid, assisting in the relief of heartburn, excessive stomach acid, and acid indigestion. Plus, taking natural antacid products helps to maintain your body’s acid-alkaline level and regulate urinary pH. Maintaining your acid-alkaline balance with a natural antacid also helps prolong your bone health, fight free-radical damage, and inflammation while supporting healthy cellular regeneration within your body.

If you’re interested in using Releaf Alkaline Tablets as a natural antacid, speak to your health care practitioner. You can shop Releaf Alkaline Tablets online or in-store at leading pharmacies and health stores.

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