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Our little ones are germ factories just like us, but smaller and more vulnerable. According to studies, it takes a while for kids to mature their immune systems to be stronger and fight off infections. There’s no way to successfully germ-proof your child, but preventative measures and supplements can support your little one in the long run.

Which vitamins are good immune support for kids?

  • Vitamin C has shown to contribute to immune defense, because it supports various cellular functions. A lack of Vitamin C in your little ones could lead to being more susceptible to infections and an impaired immune system. It’s also able to prevent and treat respiratory and systemic infections. A real keeper.

  • Studies show zinc plays a central role in our immune support. It impacts multiple aspects of the immune system and is important for normal development and function in our cells involved in our immunity processes.

  • Vitamin E is known to be one of the most effective nutrients that modulate immune function. It’s good for maintaining your immune system, not just good for skin products!

  • Special mention: Vitamin B6 for its role in stimulating an immune response.

Doctor Daycare Immuno-multi Syrup

Our fruity-bubblegum Releaf Doctor Daycare Immuno-multi Syrup is blended specifically for immune support for kids. Formulated with a grocery list of vitamins good for your little ones, it’s also a great supplement for their daily diet, supports eye health and the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Plus, it’s free from the worries of sucrose, glucose, tartrazine, alcohol, and artificial colourants.

Doctor Daycare Allergy Relief Syrup

For kids with ongoing allergy issues that weaken their immune systems, have a look at Releaf Doctor Daycare Allergy Relief Syrup for the relief of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, mild asthma, and a sore throat. It’s formulated with African ginger, a South African favourite for allergies and inflammation. The strawberry flavoured syrup has antihistaminic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties and assists in the maintenance of good health, while supporting healthy immune function.

You can find immune support for kids with the Releaf Doctor Daycare Range online or in-store via leading pharmacies or health stores. If you have any questions for us, we’re always happy to chat.