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The gut is a huge deal and the hero spotlight shines directly on the microbial bacteria/microbes found there. Henna-Maria Uusitupa even goes as far as to say that the gut microbes we are born with can impact us in the long run, with babies born via c-section showing different microbial colonies to babies born vaginally. Furthermore, babies exposed to antibiotics in early life (which can negatively impact the microbial flora in your gut) are more likely to be obese or overweight. This all points to the massive role our gut can play in developing or support our health. However, do not panic – you can support your body and improve digestive health by consuming good microbes – otherwise known as probiotics.

Can probiotics improve digestive health?

According to prior research that studied the effects of probiotics in relation to constipation – probiotics increased the number of weekly bowel movements by 1.3, and helped to soften stools – making them easier to pass. Across thousands of medical literature pieces – probiotics have been considered for the following effects:

1 – Modulating GI immunity by regulating inflammatory responses.

2 – Displacing gas-producing and bile salt-disrupting bacteria.

3 – Changing bacterial flora found in the gut.

4 – Enhancing the epithelial barrier function.

5 – Reducing hypersensitivity and stress responses.

Releaf Probiotic Active 12-Strain: The Good Microbes

For a daily probiotic to add to a healthy lifestyle and improve digestive health, we recommend Releaf Probiotic 12-strain – a blend of good bacteria from bifidobacterium, lactobacillus, and lactococcus strains. You can shop it now online or in-store at leading pharmacies and health stores, nationwide.

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