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The one thing we all forget to remember is liver support – especially during and after the festive season. The liver is a crucial organ in the body for digesting food and ridding the system of toxic substances, amongst other very important functions. That is why we’ve compiled a short guide of how to take care of and support your liver.

Signs Your Liver Needs a Helping Hand

Your liver works hard, but if it is working too hard, it can lead to a lot of damage. With heavy drinking, chronic viral infections or eating an unhealthy diet for too long – your liver can develop problems. If you’re experiencing fluid retention, darker urine, a yellowish tint in your skin or the whites of your eyes, rectal bleeding or blood in your vomit, confusion, memory problems, or lethargy, these are all signs of a liver in danger and in need of medical attention. Consult with your health care practitioner as soon as possible.

Ways You Can Support Your Liver

  • Exercise a minimum of 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes a day.

  • Eat a healthy diet – low in refined sugars, processed foods, sweets, sodas, and refined carbohydrates. Fill your diet with fruits, vegetables and high-fibre foods instead.

  • Drink in moderation, with not more than two daily drinks for men and one for women.

  • Maintain a healthy weight and set a goal for weight loss.

How Milk Thistle Can Support Your Liver

We recommend Releaf Milk Thistle for protecting the liver and supporting liver function. It’s a liver support supplement of natural origin – sugar-free – and is the equivalent of 202 mg of Silymarin per capsule – best known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can find Releaf Milk Thistle online or in-store at pharmacies and health stores nationwide.

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