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If you are wondering whether ‘probiotics can help the immune system’ – in short, Yes! Getting your body healthy only takes a few simple steps that take consistent repetition to become a routine. Eating healthy, exercising, and taking a daily probiotic are three surefire ways to boost your immune system and help your body become strong in the face of infection.

What The Research Says…

Probiotics are beneficial for various diseases, but their major claim to fame has been how they interact and regulate our immune responses. Probiotic organisms offer a stimulating effect on our immune systems. Studies have shown that whose who took probiotics reported significantly reduced incidents of respiratory infections and ‘flu-like symptoms with higher temperatures.

“What If You’re Not Just What You Eat, But What Your Microbes Eat.”

During John Cyran’s TED Talk, he insisted that you should ‘Feed Your Microbes.’ He found that those with a diverse diet had a healthier gut – thanks to the microbes in the gut being fed the nutrients that they need to thrive and help the gut function.

The benefits of probiotics for the immune system stem from their ability to restore the balance of gut bacteria. Having too much ‘bad’ bacteria, and low levels of the ‘good’ bacteria means that you may suffer the symptoms of an imbalance, and it could affect your immune system. This can happen because of an illness or a poor diet. This can happen because of an illness, a poor diet, or being on antibiotics. Therefore, introducing probiotics into your diet may give you the improved immune support you really need.

Following a healthy diet full of probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut, kefir, yoghurt, and kombucha can help to keep your immune system balanced and healthy throughout the seasons. However, if you are looking for an immune booster of the supplement variety, choose one from Releaf Pharmaceutical’s range of probiotics – tailored to your lifestyle needs.

Try Probiotic Supplements For Immune Support

At Releaf Pharmaceuticals, we aim to offer you and your family the best probiotics for immunity, gut health, and general wellbeing.

Releaf Probiotic 12-strain

Releaf Probiotic 12-strain contains a combination of 12 probiotic strains, which assist in improving or normalising the microbial balance in the human intestines and consequently, improving the functioning of the digestive tract/gut.

Releaf Probiotic Kids chews

Releaf Probiotic Kids chews contain a combination of 3 probiotic strains, which assist in improving the microbial balance in the human intestines and consequently, improving th functioning of the digestive tract. It is perfect for ensuring the whole family has improved immune support.

You can shop online or head to your nearest leading pharmacy or health store to check out the Releaf probiotic range for improved immune support.

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