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It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s somebody with a cough, a sniffle, or a sneeze. Germaphobes have probably experienced this heightened awareness since day 1, but now, living in a health-and-safety regulated world, it’s hard to ignore, for most of us. There’s no need to feel guilty about it either, we all want what’s best for ourselves and our loved ones – Good health!

The Best Vitamins & Minerals For Immune Suport

These are the key vitamins & minerals for immune support and they may in fact already be familiar to you, and there are many valid reasons they remain a staple in some of the best cough & cold tablets available on the market today:

Vitamin C

A study testing the effectiveness of Vitamin C in relieving the symptoms of virus-related respiratory infections found that their subjects reported symptoms of flu and cold up to 85% less after a megadose of Vitamin C. It’s probably for this reason that vitamin C-rich sources like lemons appear in many cold home remedies to this day!

Vitamin D3

When it comes to Vitamin D3, research shows that it assists the body in fighting acute respiratory infection that causes millions of deaths every year. Low levels of vitamin D3 are associated with a higher chance of developing acute respiratory infections, so to protect against cold and flu, supplements containing vitamin D3 needs to be included in your arsenal of immune support supplies.


When you’re hunting for the best supplements for immune support, one key ingredient you would want to find in them would be zinc. It may sound like an unlikely immune booster but according to research, zinc can assist in decreasing the duration of colds by 33%.


In addition, other ingredients like MSM can help modulate the immune system, according to research – Great news for your immunity against the common cold, especially as the weather starts to get increasingly colder and harsher.