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Herbal & Organic Products – What is the difference?

As we become more aware of climate change across the globe, and new diseases or chronic health ailments become more prevalent, more people are turning to alternative, nature based medicine to help manage long term health care. With the introduction of more natural ingredient based products, there are a number of categories developing under these as well.

There are herbal products, natural ones, organic ones, Ayurvedic products and more. As a complementary and alternative health supplement provider, we are often asked what the difference is between herbal and organic products. It is quite easy to get them confused, since many people use the terms interchangeably and sometimes the meanings often overlap, but legally there is a difference in their definition.

The word “natural” is also often used to describe some herbal/organic products, as “natural” could be seen as products “free from chemical processes” or “not produced in labs”, but natural does not necessarily mean “organic”, nor “herbal”.

Natural Products

Natural products are made from plants and minerals that occur in nature and have not been produced in a laboratory and are not man made. However, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, etc might have been used to enhance their growth. To understand if a product is natural, check its detailed ingredient list. There is no regulation on the word ‘natural’.

Herbal products

Herbal products are made of plant extracts, plant roots, leaves, flowers etc and used as per their properties. The word herbal is derived from the Medieval Latin liber herbalis (“book of herbs”) They are basically used to improve health and for therapeutic reasons. Herbal products are usually free of chemicals. However, pesticides may have been used in their growing.

Organic Products

Organic is the most heavily regulated food/supplement system. Organic products are also made from natural ingredients, but they are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Generally speaking, organic products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients or petrochemicals. Unless required by law, organic products do not undergo any animal testing and are minimally processed, but they can have ingredients that have animal sources also. Organic products are also free of any chemical preservatives.

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