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We know all too well the kind and well-meaning life advice from friends and family – ‘It’s a phase. It’ll pass.’ Yeah, of course it will. But sometimes you have to push that phase off the cliff, don’t you?

It’s pretty darn hard being upbeat when you have to juggle a dozen hot burning coals, up in the air. American Brene Brown is a courageous fighter for personal courage and her TED talks are legendary.

Her Netflix special, The Call to Courage, is now streaming in 190 countries and 29 languages – Give it a watch. You can thank us later.

Brene Brown’s Life Advice On Love & How To Be Happy

While recently struggling with ‘a combination of physical and spiritual exhaustion, or maybe low grade cultural despair with a side of burnout,’ Brene Brown tried to counteract ‘the strange sense of emptiness with more work and more grind’. Then she hit a bump in the road, being brought quite literally to a standstill by a serious foot injury which solidly grounded her.

While dealing with the physical injury, says Brene: ‘After three weeks of feeling untethered and increasingly hollowed out, I realised something more serious was happening than the usual exhaustion or burnout. I couldn’t access hope or possibility. I poisoned every good thing with thoughts of potentially horrible things.’

Then she awoke in the middle of the night and grabbed a book off her shelf by Bell Hooks entitled: ‘All About Love.’ Extracts from this well of wisdom made her realise that the drift toward lovelessness in the world, and the fact that the entire world is suffering from ‘traumatic levels of lovelessness,’ might well be seeping into her life.

Some of the conclusions she drew from Bell Hooks’s book help turn a light on.

She explains that while she’s no expert on knowing what fuel is best for everyone to run on, she does, however, know for sure that what she runs best on is love. Love should be seen as a sustainable, renewable energy that burns clean. Focus should also be placed on avoiding anger as it can often turn into a soul-sucking lifetime companion.

It’s definitely worth reading Brene’s whole article on her blog!

Bell Hooks On The Self Care Tips She Calls ‘A Love Ethic’

Hooks gets pretty candid about love in her book, she explains that adopting a living ethic centred around love can and does alter our lives. Here’s how to adopt a love ethic according to Bell Hooks:

  • Choose to work with other people that you admire and respect.
  • Give your relationships with others all you’ve got.
  • Embrace a global mindset where you envision yourself & everyone else in the world being intimately connected.
  • Embrace a sense of honesty, openness, and personal integrity in all your dealings.

The book is wonderful muti for the soul, so if you’re fresh out of soul-moving reads, go there, pick a good blog piece by Brene, or you can find her on TED.

Embrace A Sunnier State of Mind

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