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Echinacea is one of the world’s most popular herbs and can be identified by its striking cone shape with bright purple and orange petals. Parts of the flower and its roots are most commonly used in over-the-counter medications that assist with the relief of flu, colds and other mild health concerns.

What are the benefits of echinacea?

Echinacea plants are filled with a diverse group of compounds that provide health benefits such as immune support, decreased inflammation, and lower blood sugar levels. Echinacea is most popularly known for its positive impact on the immune system. Studies have found that it may assist in fighting infections and allowing your body to recover at a faster pace. Furthermore, some of the compounds found in echinacea plants work as antioxidants in the body, helping it to fight against oxidative stress which is often linked to chronic diseases.

How often should I take echinacea?

It is recommended to take echinacea supplements on a short-term basis when you need immune support most. Releaf CBD Immune Broad Spectrum capsules contain 8,3 mg of CBD, 400 mg of echinacea, and 1,10% terpenes per capsule and are recommended to support health maintenance and enhancement. Take one to two capsules maximum per day in single or divided doses. Do not exceed the recommended maximum dose of 20 mg of CBD.

Who should not take echinacea?

If you are allergic to flowers such as daisies, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and ragweed, you may experience the side effects of taking echinacea. Side effects may include rashes, itchy skin, hives, swelling, stomach pain, nausea or shortness of breath. In this case, it is best to consult with your healthcare practitioner and seek alternative methods of immune support, which you can find online or in-store at leading pharmacies and health stores nationwide, just search or ask for Releaf Pharmaceuticals.