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It is estimated that the average person has about 30 trillion bacterial cells living inside them! Looking through this lens, we should start viewing bacteria as essential factors to our health and our daily function. Furthermore, bacteria can play a hugely important role in our gut: where we officially call bacteria gut microbes. 

What Are Probiotics?

To maintain microbial balance in the gut and stay healthy – it is recommended to take a daily supplement called a probiotic. You can find probiotics not only at leading pharmacies and health stores but in fermented foods like yoghurt too. There are many different strains of probiotics – each with different benefits to offer. Probiotics are often recommended after a course of antibiotics (which destroys gut microbes) to help replace the bacteria and balance your gut once more.

The Benefits of a Daily Probiotic

Since many functions of the body can be impacted by the foods you eat, it makes sense that supplementing your body with the good bacteria from probiotics can improve your overall health.

Some of the benefits of probiotics include:

  • UTI Support – probiotics may promote a healthier urinary tract and help reduce the frequency of urinary tract infections, particularly in women.

  • Immune Support – probiotics help to strengthen the body against pathogens by improving the gut barrier function and assist with the manufacturing of certain vitamins.

  • Easing an Upset Stomach – whether you’ve got a traveler’s bug or you have eaten something that doesn’t agree with your gut, probiotics can mediate the gut upset and improve your intestinal health, as well as balance your bowel movements back to normal.

Probiotics Near You 

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