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Anxiety has a different effect on everyone who lives with it – it’s widespread, often misunderstood, mismanaged and mistreated. We all manifest it differently and find our own ways to relieve the symptoms. Let’s go through some practical ways you can try to curb feelings of anxiousness.

Learn how to be present

Being present means being mindful: it’s maintaining a state of complete awareness of your thoughts and emotions in the present moment, leading to you being more in control of your experiences. Allowing yourself to step back and giving yourself time to process what’s happening around you – and how you choose to respond. Being more present can also help you identify any potential negative behaviours or thought patterns.

Anxiety relief medication

It’s not all in your head. When we’re dealing with a lot of anxiousness, it can have a negative impact on how much sleep we are getting. It’s a vicious cycle: losing sleep can make you feel worse the next day and even impact your immune system, leading to other issues. To get your body and mind to temporarily unwind, try a supplement for additional support. Releaf Theanine is formulated with the same amino acid found in green tea – L-Theanine – known for its calming effect on the mind and body. It may promote better sleep quality and assist with the time it takes you to falls asleep. You can shop for it online or in-store at leading pharmacies and health stores nationwide.


To some, it might seem juvenile – but interesting research shows that writing about our feelings (even though it’s upsetting at first) can help relieve levels of anxiousness. Writing helps us to collect our thoughts, by organizing and processing our emotions through creative expression. Especially when dealing with anxiousness stemming from a traumatic event, writing can be a painful but healing experience that helps you move on from the moment of trauma, replaying and constructing a storyline of events – including your future, once you’ve been able to process the past.

So – here is the sign you’ve been looking for. Go out, grab your journal and your Releaf Theanine and take time to be present, from today onwards. See how it makes you feel – and let us know the results.

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