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When your digestion is out of sync, everything feels off. It’s hard to concentrate, be active, sometimes it even interferes with how you fall asleep. Both our gut and digestive tract play a major role in how our body functions. When it comes to digestive inflammation or irritation, it’s important to regulate the symptoms with something natural that won’t disrupt your body even further. Let’s go through some of the causes, how you can help your body naturally, and the star supplement we recommend for natural digestive relief. 

The causes of digestive irritation

Bloating, pain, nausea, fullness, early satiety – these are all signs of a digestive disturbance. These symptoms can be linked to conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and dyspepsia. Other causes may include consuming an excess of alcohol, an unhealthy diet, stress, and unbalanced gut flora. When your digestive tract is irritated, it’s your body’s way of telling you something isn’t working and something needs to change.

How to improve your digestion

As always, a healthy diet leads to a healthier body. You can improve your digestive function by staying away from processed foods, ensuring you’re consuming enough fibre and healthy fats, staying hydrated, and changing the way you eat entirely. For those of us living a more fast-paced life, we sometimes forget to give ourselves time to eat properly. Looking at your food mindfully can also assist with digestive relief – make meal times strictly about the food. Put away technology and distractions, remember to indulge in the goodness of your food, take time to chew, eat slowly, and conscientiously pay attention to when you feel full.

Artigest IBS & natural digestive relief

Artigest IBS by Releaf Pharmaceuticals is a combination of ginger root and artichoke leaves, formulated specifically for natural digestive relief. By taking only 1 – 2 capsules a day before your main meal, Artigest IBS by Releaf Pharmaceuticals can reduce gastric motility symptoms related to IBS and dyspepsia, as discussed above. In other words, it’s great for soothing bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, and other symptoms related to digestive disturbances. If you’re looking at supplementing your digestive health with Artigest IBS by Releaf Pharmaceuticals, consult with your healthcare practitioner beforehand.

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