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When you think of the biggest organs in your body – do you think of your liver? You should! It’s an essential part of our metabolic processes and converts all the important nutrients we need into something the body can make use of (as well as storing them and supplying our cells with those substances when needed). Especially when heading into the festive season, when people consume more foods and alcohol in celebration, it’s important to invest in quality liver support.

Ingredients Your Liver Really Likes

Milk Thistle –

The lovely plant originates from the Mediterranean and in the last 2000 years has been used by homoeopaths to assist with liver concerns and to protect the liver from poisons or other harmful chemicals. The key ingredient in milk thistle that our liver enjoys is silymarin – a mix of plant chemicals. According to a 2020 study, silymarin acts as a free radical scavenger and modulates enzymes associated with the development of cellular damage, fibrosis and cirrhosis – which all impacts your liver. If you’re looking for liver support, you can find Releaf Milk Thistle online or in-store at leading pharmacies & health stores nationwide. The dosage is 1-2 capsules once daily, the equivalent of 202mg – 404mg of silymarin daily.

Artichoke –

Along with milk thistle, your liver will benefit from the combo of a naturally derived supplement made with artichoke extract. Fun fact: Artichoke is technically considered a type of thistle. Not only are they loaded with good nutrients, but they’re also linked to protecting your liver from damage and promoting new tissue. Plus, Artichoke helps to produce bile – assisting your body in getting rid of harmful toxins. Overall, it makes for a fantastic gut and liver support aid – and it’s easy to find – just like Releaf Milk Thistle, Artigest IBS by Releaf Pharmaceuticals is available online or in-store at leading pharmacies and health stores nationwide. It’s specifically formulated for relieving symptoms related to Dyspepsia and contains artichoke leaves and ginger roots.

NB: Just like any other plant or supplement – make sure you have no allergies or adverse reactions by consulting with your healthcare practitioner first. If you have any questions for our team at Releaf Pharmaceuticals – please get in touch.