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Inflammation is the body’s natural response to irritation, infection, and injury. However, it can also be caused by unhealthy foods and lifestyle habits. Short term inflammation protects the body by healing the body and restoring normal tissue function, while long-term or chronic inflammation can be the result of an infection and lead to long term pain and damage, such as in arthritis.

Although visiting your nearest pharmacy to obtain over the counter pain-killers and anti-inflammatories is all too easy, long term use of such products may lead to further damage.

Natural anti-inflammatory products such as herbs and dietary supplements may offer a safer, and often an effective, alternative treatment for pain relief, especially for long-term use.

7 Supplements & Foods To Consider to Reduce Inflammation

  1. Fatty fish – Omega-3 fatty acids are amongst the most potent anti-inflammatory supplements and abundant in fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines.

  2. Green leafy vegetables – such as spinach, kale, broccoli and sprouts are packed with antioxidants like vitamins A, C and K, which protect cells from free-radical damage (Free radicals damage cells and lead to inflammation.)

  3. Turmeric & Curcumin – Turmeric, that yellow spice you save for your curries, has been used to treat wounds, infections and colds for centuries. Studies have shown that curcumin, a compound in turmeric, may reduce inflammation in the body. Releaf Pharmaceuticals has curcumin in two of its products – in capsule form, Releaf Curcumin 185 as well as in tablet form where it is paired with MSM, Releaf MSM with Curcumin.

  4. Ginger – You can buy it powdered or as a fresh root in most supermarkets and it can be used in sweet or savoury dishes. Ginger has been used as a traditional medicine to treat stomach upset, headaches, morning sickness and infections.

  5. Cinnamon – Cinnamon is more than just a delicious additive to baked treats, pancakes or chai lattes. Studies have shown that the spice has anti-inflammatory properties, which can ease swelling. No more feeling guilty to add this spice to any of your foods, just sprinkle it in your coffee or tea, and on top of your breakfast.

  6. Spirulina – is a type of algae with strong antioxidant effects. Studies have shown that it reduces inflammation, leads to healthier aging and may strengthen the immune system. Typically available from health stores in capsule format.

  7. Green TeaResearch suggests that green tea may inhibit the production of certain inflammatory chemicals. It may also help slow cartilage loss, reducing the symptoms of arthritis. Green tea contains low doses of caffeine, so those who are sensitive to caffeine should check with their doctor before adding this to their diet.

Natural anti-inflammatory products and supplements can help the body fight pain and inflammation. An overall healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and exercise programme will help to reduce levels of inflammation in the long run.

Some natural supplements may help fight inflammation and assist in bringing things back into balance, although not all supplements work for every type of inflammation.  Supplements can take time to reverse the inflammation as well.

Speak to your doctor before adding any supplement to your diet.

Releaf Pharmaceuticals is a trusted name in providing complementary natural health supplements.

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