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You know the feeling: the burning sensation in your chest, the sour taste in your mouth – as if the curry you just ate is about to make its way back up your throat. Yuck. Most of the time, acid reflux is just the result of poor menu choice or eating too late at night, but for some people, it’s a chronic condition that can be extremely uncomfortable.

The modern diet tends to be high in acidic foods like red meat and processed grains and low in base-forming dietary minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. This is why it’s important to avoid fatty, salt-laden foods and eat loads of lean proteins, vegetables and non-citrus fruits. A recent study investigated the effect of a multimineral supplement (MMS) rich in alkaline minerals on acute and chronic regulation of acid-base balance with the pH of blood, urine and saliva as potential surrogate markers.

Our pH level measures how acidic something is, so if yours is too high, you’re more at risk of acid-related health problems like chronic acid reflux, gout and joint pains. Research revealed that taking a multimineral supplement is associated with a significant increase in urinary pH, which in turn may help alleviate acid-related conditions such as acid reflux. (The health-related consequences of this supplementation remain to be determined).


Alkaline tablets

To help your body maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance and regulate its urinary pH, consider Releaf Alkaline Tablets, a natural antacid supplement, which may assist with the relief of heartburn, excessive stomach acid and acid indigestion.

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