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Exercising in midwinter requires a Cersei Lannister kind of determination. Which is why the idea of working out in a heated room is rather appealing. Enter Hot Pilates.

The new-ish workout consists of Pilates in a hot room, and may offer a bunch of benefits: “Just like Bikram, the heat will get your heart rate up,” explains instructor Kate Davies. “It also warms up the muscles and releases lactic acid so that your joints and your muscles are a little bit more pliable. I like using the analogy of a welder heating up a piece of metal before bending it – the human body is really similar. When people who practice hot yoga and hot Pilates go to a class that’s not heated, they’re like, ‘Whoa, this is such a different range of motion.'” And it’s true, considering the different level of flexibility that you feel in those high temps.

Davies teaches an “Inferno Style” class that combines floor work, standing exercises, and Tabata training to create a cardio-intensive experience. “But just like there are different styles of hot yoga, it’s the same with styles of hot Pilates,” she says. “There are definitely slower classes than what we teach.”

Prefer hot yoga? Fear not, mixing the two into your workout routine could actually benefit your body. “Yoga and Pilates are just so incredibly different, and with Pilates, there’s always more of an emphasis on muscles building strength over flexibility,” says Davies.



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