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In the year 2019, we’re saying no to fast food and yes to celery juice and yoga retreats. But we want our health and wellness just as quickly as we used to want that double cheeseburger and fries. This need for immediacy has led to a rise in 7-minute workouts and products like green powders, which claim to give us all the vitamins and minerals we need in one, convenient sachet.

But are these pre-packaged products magic health potions or straight-up poison?

Registered dietitian Monica Auslander Moreno shared her professional opinion with us:

“You’ll get an A+ in my book if you reject the notion that easy = better. We are definitely a nation that prizes convenience (the other day I saw hard-boiled eggs for sale), but that convenience doesn’t necessarily = better for us. In the realm of green powders – absolutely not. No powder functions the way real food does. Real foods like vegetables contain thousands of unique and exquisite phytochemicals (plant chemicals) that work together to produce perfect plant powers.”

So what is your opinion on green powders?

“If you have a mouth with teeth, you should be eating REAL VEGETABLES. Now – yes – they’re perishable and sometimes expensive. Buy ’em frozen. From a local farmer’s market. Canned.

Whatever your budget allows. Chuck them in the microwave, (no, microwaves don’t cause alien waves to infiltrate your food) and then throw on some coconut aminos, olive oil, mustard or seeds for instant nutrient yumminess that isn’t some Frankenfood powder.”

Her final thoughts on the matter?

“…just eat real food and try to live…”



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