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There’s nothing worse than an uncontrollable cough interrupting your sleep and creating awkward situations in public spaces as everyone around you covers their nose and mouth in fear.

A great way to relieve this is with expectorants, which can help loosen and thin mucus so you can cough it up. Although expectorants don’t treat the infection that caused the cough, they can help you sleep, which will help your immune system get the rest it needs to fight back.

Here are some natural (grandma-approved) cough remedies to give you some relief:


A hot and steamy shower is a great, all-natural way to loosen up your chest and relieve a stubborn cough by loosening mucus in the airway. You can also try using a humidifier to add moisture to the air you breathe.


Your body functions best when it’s hydrated so make sure you keep your fluids up when you’re sick. This doesn’t mean gulping down coffee or wine though. Instead, choose Vitamin C rich juice or herbal tea.


Fresh and crisp, peppermint contains a compound known as menthol which may help thin mucus and loosen phlegm.

Brew some peppermint tea or even make your own by adding a few fresh peppermint leaves to hot water. It has no known side effects and poses no danger unless you’re allergic.

Ivy Leaf

The leaf of the evergreen climbing plant ivy (Hedera helix) has been shown to be an effective expectorant. Clinicians believe that the saponins present in ivy leaf help make mucus less thick so you can cough it up.



Releaf Cough and Cold Syrup with added Vitamin C is a unique formulation to help relieve the symptoms of coughs and colds. The syrup contains Pelargonium, which may help reduce the severity of cold and ‘flu symptoms as well as shorten their duration. (1) It also has Hedera helix that could assist with the alleviation of both a productive cough and a tight chest.

Releaf Pharma believes all treatment of illness should begin with your doctor’s opinion.

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