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Certified IIN coach, Caitlin Fay has been sharing her journey into motherhood on Instagram in the hopes of supporting other moms and moms-to-be. Here she talks us through her experience with nausea during pregnancy:

“I was severely nauseous until about 16 weeks which looking back was not so long ago. The smell of random things – like my microwave wheat bag or my shampoo – smells I actually used to really like – became unbearable to me.

What I found helped was keeping my blood sugar stable – so eating small meals regularly. I found that eating something minimal upon waking was helpful, my husband would often have orange slices waiting for me, as the fresh and crisp fruit eased me into the day.

When and if I felt strong enough, eating a balanced breakfast would actually help, so some good protein and fats.

I also tried never to leave long gaps between having a snack as I found this would worsen my nausea.

And if I felt just too nauseous to eat, I’d opt for something sour like strong lemon water, apple cider vinegar in water or good old ginger beer to keep my fluids up, as staying hydrated is also vital.

Thankfully the nausea has passed, but I’ve also had to figure out pregnancy induced eczema and migraines. It’s a wonderful and miraculous road that we just have to learn as we go, as well as form deep trust in our bodies.”






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