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Whether you’re a mom who’s always picking up after an unruly toddler, a regular runner guilty of not stretching properly or simply someone who was born with a weak skeleton, lower back pain can be caused by many things and therefore difficult to pinpoint.

Luckily, it seems the solution could be a little more straightforward: Alkaline tablets.

In an open prospective study, 82 patients with lower back pain took 30g of a lactose-based alkaline multimineral supplement over four weeks in addition to their usual medication. Of the 82 participants, 76 reported a reduction in lower back pain.

This may be because supplementing alkaline minerals increases our blood pH and intracellular magnesium, which in turn ensures that there is enough intracellular magnesium for our enzyme systems to function and vitamin D levels to activate. All of this has been shown to reduce back pain.

Participants who experienced a reduction in pain also had normal levels of potassium, calcium, iron, copper, and zinc, revealing that a disturbed acid-base balance may contribute to the symptoms of lower back pain.

Plus, when our bodies are in an alkaline state, our metabolism, enzymatic processes, immune system, and repair mechanisms function at their absolute best, which means taking an alkaline tablet could possibly assist in you feeling better as well as experiencing less pain.


Alkaline tablets

Interested in becoming more alkaline? Try Releaf Alkaline Tablets, which may assist the body in maintaining its acid-alkaline balance and regulating urinary pH. Available in a convenient tablet form that takes away the mess of powder, Releaf Alkaline Tablets may also act as an antacid and assist with the relief of heartburn, excessive stomach acid and acid indigestion.

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