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Step aside Fitbit, get lost Apple watch, there’s a new wearable tracker in town, and it’s a whole lot prettier.

We’re talking about smart jewellery that as well as being easy on the eye, functions as a tracking device that records your steps, workouts, sleep patterns, breathing rate as well as tracking your messages and heart rate variability.

Our favourite techie jewellery brand at the moment is Bellabeat Leaf, one of the first wearable pieces of smart jewellery specially designed for women. This now tracks sleep, stress, steps, calorie burn and your menstrual cycle.

Then there’s the beautiful, unisex Oura Ring which calls itself ‘the world’s most advanced wearable’ that Prince Harry is currently sporting. Oura’s technology uses cutting-edge tracking technology that claims to be able to measure your ‘readiness’ for life by tracking your sleep quality, recovery levels, resting heart rate and rest/sleep balance.

And if that doesn’t get your heart rate going, then Bellabeat’s yet-to-launch, hydration level tracking water bottle certainly will.



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