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Wazoogles Superfood Protein Shakes

Wazoogles Superfood Proteins are a lush combo of the purest, most ethically sourced, nutrient-dense superfoods around. They’re packed with plant-based protein, living enzymes, vitamins and vital nutrients, without any fillers or artificial additives to spoil it. Vanilla Sky is a carefully formulated mixture of organic ingredients like Madagascan vanilla pod, maca root, protein-rich hemp, chia seeds, wild harvested mesquite and French grown yellow pea protein that will help reduce cravings while tasting delicious. A meal replacement smoothie fantasy come true!

Faithful to Nature Chickpeas

From curries to hummus to falafels, is there anything a chickpea doesn’t make better? We certainly don’t think so. Tasty, healthy and full of nutrients, these pulses are a great source of plant-based protein and are guaranteed to turn every stir-fry and salad into a party. We especially like Faithful to Nature Chickpeas for their eco-friendly packaging.

Faithful to Nature Red Quinoa

Gluten-free, protein-packed quinoa is a vegan pantry staple and a blessing for those with food allergies. Considered a pseudo-grain because it’s actually a seed, Quinoa comes from Peru, where it’s been cultivated for centuries and prized for being full of protein, iron, fibre and B vitamins.

Health Connection Organic GMO-Free Soya Mince

Unlike many other plant-based sources, soy is a complete protein and thoroughly deserves its status as the go-to substitute for the meat-free (but go easy on the processed varieties).

We like the soya mince by Health Connection because as well as being tasty and chunky, it’s also organic and free from GMOs, colourants, flavourants and other synthetic additives.

Get all these products and more on Faithful to Nature, South Africa’s most loved online health shop. And make sure that as well as monitoring your protein intake, you’re also taking care of your gut with the Releaf Probiotics Range, which may help with the management of the microbial balance in the human intestines and thereby the functioning of the digestive tract/gut.

And if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, consider taking Artigest IBS™, another first-to-market product in South Africa which has been proven to reduce gastric motility symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome and dyspepsia, such as bloating and abdominal pain, gastric fullness, early satiety and nausea. It contains Prodigest®, a patented combination of two standardised ingredients: a lipophilic CO2 extract of ginger roots (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) and a unique extract of artichoke leaves (Cynara cardunculus L.) that has shown benefits for improved digestion. With 86% of IBS sufferers who have tried it reporting a marked reduction in the intensity of symptoms, it seems that Artigest IBS™ is set to make waves in the digestive health sector.

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