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Australian TV host, model, beauty pageant titleholder and creator of the BODY by Finch wellness program Rachael Finch, is happier and healthier in motherhood than ever before. Her secret is that there is no secret. Only patience, self-care and a positive attitude:

Greatest lesson motherhood has taught you?


The biggest challenge in motherhood?

Not always being there for the kids when they need me. Whether I need to leave the house for work or they’re at school.

How would you describe your parenting style?

Relaxed with routine elements.

What does the first hour of your day look like?

I like to get up before anyone else in the house to walk Simba, stretch and meditate. This is my time. “Use your time wisely… Find time for yourself and drop the mum guilt.”

Do you have an evening routine?

Usually, we eat dinner at 6pm, bath at 6:30pm and in bed by 7/7:30pm.

How do you approach the great balancing act between family life and career?

Misha and I plan our day the night before and are excellent communicators. I always listen to my body and whenever I feel something is lacking I try to schedule my diary to fix it accordingly.

How did pregnancy and birth change your relationship with your body?

I have 1000% more appreciation and respect for my body and what it is capable of!

You’re exposed to the best in fashion – what advice do you have for busy mothers who want to look stylish in pregnancy and beyond?

Always go for comfort and something that makes you FEEL good. I still find I’m more confident in these outfits because I can be the best version of me. There are some great brands out there that combine style with comfort and a big reason why I created B.O.D by Finch activewear. I wanted something that was chic and classic, but still supportive and comfortable.

Your Body by Finch program is changing lives and inspiring women everywhere…what are you most proud of so far?

I get goosebumps every time I check into our Body by Finch Facebook community group. The mind, body and soul transformations women are experiencing is pretty magical. Women are reducing their stress, learning to love their body and getting fit and toned along the way to name a few. I’m most proud of the community of supportive women we’ve grown.

Self-care tips for busy mothers?

Use your time wisely. When the kids are napping or at daycare, make the most of it and do something nice for yourself. Whether that be a massage or a cup of tea on the balcony! Find time for yourself and drop the mum guilt.

Is your family complete or would you like more children?

We are complete now and would still be complete if we had another child.

Favourite family-friendly holiday destination?

Fiji or Townsville (my hometown).

Favourite book?

‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle.

Favourite Ted Talk/Podcast?

The ‘Tim Ferriss Show’.

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