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When asked, Siri will probably tell you that you need eight glasses of water a day. And although this is a good ballpark number, the exact amount is a lot more reliant on you as an individual than you might think.

Monica Auslander, founder of Essence Nutrition, a group practice of registered dietitians in Miami, shared her views on the matter with us: “You require less fluid as you age, but old folks can lose their thirst mechanism and become easily dehydrated. You also need to consider your body weight, the calories you consume and your current health state. For [most] healthy, adults (there are different formulas for paediatrics), you’re probably good at 25-30 ml per kilogram of body weight.”

So, do any of the foods and liquids I consume throughout the day count towards my daily liquid requirements?

“Fruit and veg can count towards your fluid goal; since they’re mostly water, and so do milk/coffee/ tea/sparkling water/juice (ew juice). We set most of our butterfly client fluid goals somewhere between 2-3 litres per day. Weather and activity are factors here as well.”

And how do I know if I’m getting enough fluids?

“A nice indicator of hydration is light yellow to clear urine.”

Any tips for reaching that daily water goal?

“Get yourself a fancy large 1-2 litre bottle or jug to take to work or school and set hourly alarms on your phone to remind you to drink.”

Do I need to drink anything other than water?

“Probably not. MOST individuals meet hydration needs with good ‘ol H2O. Some folks are salt sweaters or have super low blood pressure, and need a little electrolyte boost. Athletes also can use some supplemental salts/electrolytes in certain situations.”

What can I add to my water to help it taste nicer?

“Do not drop weird chemical colours and additives (even ones with cute ‘all natural’ labels) into your water as these products will only feed your need for sweet. Rather infuse your water with lemon, cucumber, orange or berries to make it go down easier.”



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