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At this time of year most people are looking forward to a much needed break after a long year of work behind them. Most people struggle to take enough breaks during the year and may even be feeling symptoms of possible burnout as the year-end approaches.

As you battle through the last few weeks of December, like wading through a thick muddy pond, one can’t help but look forward to that last day of work. Little do you realise, so does your body.

You’ve possibly worked your body and its immune system so hard this year and pushed yourself to your mental extreme that by the time your last day of work comes around, and you walk through that door to freedom, your body sighs in relief too. But instead of feeling rejuvenated by your freedom, your body starts shutting down and you might even fall ill. Your immune system has been hard at work too without you really knowing it, helping you stay afloat in your last few weeks and throughout the past year. And finally when you’re thinking of getting out and about to the beach, hiking in the mountains, or playing with your kids, your immune system says “no more”.

Provide Extra Support For Your Immune System through Supplements During The Holidays:

Our immune systems are the basis of our health, which of course plays a big role when it comes to our overall wellness and happiness.

There are a few things you can do to look after your general health this festive season while still having a good time and not feeling sluggish or hit with a summer cold, AND feeling refreshed enough to go back to work after the holiday break. Taking an immune support supplement, or an array of focussed supplements, is possibly your best and easiest “fix” to get the boost you need now for the holidays.

  1. Get some Vita-D. Vitamin D is known to play an important role in keeping your immune system operating at its best. Our bodies make the vitamin naturally when skin is exposed to sunlight. In South Africa we are fortunate to get more sunshine than the rest of the world, but clinically being in the sun for 30 min a day over the holidays, does not produce the amount of Vitamin D your body requires to run optimally all year round. Most of us are office bound throughout the year, so prior to our holidays we sit in offices from early morning to late at night. Taking a Vitamin-D supplement throughout the year will help boost your immune system.

  2. Get more Sleep. According to the Journal of the National Sleep Foundation, adults need seven to nine hours of sleep. A growing body of research shows that not getting enough sleep has an immediate (and long-term) effect on how well the cells in your immune system actually function. That means not getting enough sleep could make you more likely to get sick. Getting enough sleep during the holidays may be a little easier than during your hectic work week when your mind is overtired and struggles to switch off. Taking a supplement to assist with better sleep quality might help you maintain this good habit year-round, and give you that additional boost over the holidays to recuperate from all the festivities.

  3. Eat Healthy. This is a tricky one. We all know the benefits of healthy eating, but during the holidays, restaurants, dinner parties & alcohol are more the norm than the rest of the year. Rich foods and especially alcohol can also lead to a compromised immune system. So instead of giving up your socialising and good times out, opt to add a good multivitamin to your immune support supplement regime. The multivitamin can assist to support to fill in all the nutrients you might not be getting from all that “good” eating.

  4. Enjoy Family & Friends. Over the past decade, several scientific studies have been done on how supportive family relationships and social interactions lower stress, make us happy, and also boost our immune system. Big family events could lead to feelings of anxiety for some, that in turn lead to overall negative feelings about the holidays. Negative feelings detract from overall good immune health. Consider taking a supportive supplement such as Hemp Seed Oil a few weeks or days prior to the event. This additional support will help your body naturally boost your immune system and lower anxiety, producing more feel good symptoms.

  5. Take time for you. Modern life is all hustle and bustle and it can be easy to ‘forget’ to take time to check in with yourself and your own needs. Spoil yourself if you can and get some restorative “me-time” through yoga, meditation or a nice massage.

Give your body the immune support it needs over the holidays. Releaf Pharmaceuticals health supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients and rigorous testing guarantees that our products contain what they say. No artificial preservatives or fillers, and only the ingredients we state. We make predominantly complementary and herbal medicines that we believe should be better for your health and overall immune support.