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No, a morning ritual is not filling cereal bowls, packing lunches and simultaneously brushing your teeth and hair before jumping into the car in a mad rush. A morning ritual is a self-care, self-love practice designed to motivate, invigorate and prepare you for the day ahead.

And morning rituals can’t just be madness if the likes all of Oprah, Obama and Richard Branson all swear by the method.

Here are the what’s, where’s, how’s and why’s of the morning ritual, according to well-known wellness warrior, Amy Crawford:

Why you should start a morning ritual:

Boosts your focus, productivity and happiness

This is the window designed for those daily habits that you otherwise forget about, like meditation or journal writing.

Gives you control of your day

While everything else around you might be chaotic, mixed up, and changing, your morning ritual remains solid.

Lifts your mood, every morning

Visualise, do things you love, warm your soul each and every morning. You’ll start feeling happy about the day, whatever the circumstances.

Starts the day with achievement

Even if it’s just pouring the same cup of tea in the morning, at the end of the day, you can always say ‘at least I got something done!’

How to start:

First things first, choose a time slot

Set the alarm for 20 to 60 minutes before your usual waking time and stick to it. The when of your morning ritual is just as important as the what of your morning ritual.

Choose your activities

Select a mixture of what makes you happy, and what’s really going to add to your health and wellness. Some effective options are meditation, journal writing, a walk outside, and even a cup of tea.

Write it down

This eliminates the possibility of you forgetting what your ritual is and creates accountability for yourself.


Like flossing, regular exercise and eating leafy greens, it may take time to adjust to your morning ritual, so if you find yourself struggling at first, don’t lose heart, it’ll become a habit soon enough.

If you’re dreading the routine, consider choosing some new activities that will make you happier or have a positive effect on you for the rest of the day.

If it’s still tricky, try visualising the night before by doing a mental run-through of your perfect morning the night before, including all of the warming, welcome feelings that it will give you.



Give yourself the time to get your morning ritual done. Remember, if some the world’s busiest people can make the time for it, you most definitely can too.

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