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Whether you like putting yourself into a pretzel at hot yoga, hitting up the trails, or lifting heavy weights for the obligatory #strongnotskinny selfie afterwards, it’s safe to say that these days, there’s a workout for everyone.

The real question is, however: would you exercise your face muscles?

Yip, facial exercises are the latest workout trend that involves “exercises” such as holding a smile without teeth, pouting and then smiling again for up to 20 seconds. The desired outcome being youthful, sag-free skin that denies the fact you’ve ever shown signs of having a sense of humour.

Ridiculous? Yes.

Potentially legit? Also, yes.

A Northwestern University study revealed that 30 minutes of daily facial exercise, after 20 weeks, resulted in fuller cheeks and lifted brows for middle-aged women. The researchers evaluated their findings by asking dermatologists to rate the ages of each participant. By the end of the study, patients’ average age appearance dropped from 50.8 years to 48.1 years. Basically, it took 20 weeks, (five months), for a 51-year-old to “suddenly” look like a 48-year-old. Wow.

Considering face gym’s modest benefits, it’s probably safe to say it won’t be replacing Botox anytime soon. However, it is possible that facial exercises could improve the results of medical anti-ageing treatments. Meaning that those with money and time on their hands, (we’re looking at you, Kim Kardashian) may find the cheek workout worthwhile, particularly if they’ve already had work done in that area.

For us mere mortals though, gym for the body, wearing sunblock every day, and the occasional facial will have to do.

Facial exercise has emerged at a global beauty cross-roads in which half the world is embracing natural beauty, while the other half continues to place a high value (250 billion-dollars, to be exact) on maintaining a manipulated youthful appearance.

We’re supporters of laughing in the face of wrinkles and saving a heck of a lot of money in the process.

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