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If you’re reading this while

ordering a matcha latte, biting

into a matcha explosion boom

bar or spooning the green stuff

into a smoothie, then you need

to know about GRT (Green

Rooibos Tea).

Recent studies show that GRT is higher in antioxidants than traditional rooibos, boosting the body’s natural defence system, protecting the heart and skin and even preventing or slowing down cancer.

Much like a fine wine, making a good quality rooibos tea is both a science and an art. The characteristic colour and flavour of rooibos tea develops when naturally occurring enzymes turn the shredded green tea leaves a reddish brown. This happens on the tea court while the moist tea is slowly dried out in the sun. When making green rooibos, this step is skipped and the tea is dried as soon as possible in order to inactivate the enzymes in the plant and retain the green colour in the dried leaves.

Releaf Multivitamin with GRT (Green Rooibos Tea) is the first local product to be formulated with Afriplex GRT (TM) and has been carefully made so as not to compromise the naturally occurring flavonoid compounds found in the unfermented rooibos plant.

The final, unique product is a potent natural source of antioxidants indicated to help:

* Prevent and assist the management of Metabolic syndrome-related conditions

* Boost the immune system and provide antioxidant support

* Boost cardiac health and regulate cholesterol

* Reduce blood glucose levels

* Reduce and prevent the development of insulin resistance

* Help maintain a healthy weight

* Protect the liver

Releaf Multivitamin with GRT (Green Rooibos Tea) is now available at your nearest pharmacy, so make sure you stock up on this local, unique supplement (along with your matcha latte mix) to start reaping its many benefits.

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