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In need of some health inspo? Look no further, we’ve rounded up our top five health Instagram influencers who inform, entertain and enlighten with tasty recipes, great workouts and valuable info on the daily.

1.Francesca Eats Roses

If you think vegan food is bland and boring, you need to check out this girl’s account. Funny yet philosophical and thought-provoking, Francesca makes dreamy vegan ‘nicecream’ bowls with a side of introspection. Sharing her journey of veganism, ED recovery, hormone balancing, and healing acne, her content is as informative as it is aesthetically-pleasing.

2. Candibod

Candice Bodington is an ex graphic designer who quit her day job to pursue what really makes her tick: helping others live a healthier, fitter life. Between her strong design background, quirky personality and ever-growing hormone, fitness and food knowledge, Candice’s content is guaranteed to always be easy-on-the-eye, informative and entertainment. Follow her for workout and recipe inspiration, hormone and IBS information, as well as brand and product recommendations.

3. Shut The Kale Up

Honest, hilarious and stylish, Jeannette Ogden will have you meal prepping organic sweet potato and drinking kombucha by the gallon in no time. Official ‘mom goals’, Jeannette shares delicious, healthy family recipes, tips and tricks in a refreshingly real way that is inspiring and motivating for anyone looking to pursue a more holistic, natural lifestyle.

4. Elsa Wholesome Life

Get your daily dose of plant-powered travel inspo with Bali-based Ellie Bullen, a beautiful blonde gypsy who shares her epic adventures, cafe recommendations, natural beauty tips and delicious recipes as she hops between deserted deserts, bustling cities, and tropical islands.

5. Sugar Free Sundays

Self defined as a ‘sass queen’ Maxine is your go-to-girl for nutrirional info, amazing macrofriendly treat recipes, workout ideas and general health myth debunking. Enlightening, entertaining and authentic, Max’s Instagram stories and posts will have you laughing with the thought: “Omg, me tooo.”