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Self-love is about accepting and

connecting to your true self.

Regularly practicing it can help you

grow, thrive and cope through

tough times; eventually filtering into

your work, relationships, spirituality

and overall mental, physical, and

emotional health.

Try (to the best of your ability) to implement these five simple rituals, over a 30-day period, to start your self-love journey.

Treat yo’self

We’re not suggesting you indulge in a tub of ice cream every day, but we are saying you should regularly treat yourself to the things that nourish your soul. That thing could be a sweet dessert, or a bad reality TV show, either way, allowing yourself to indulge in something you enjoy is a loving and compassionate act that adds pleasure to your day. The idea is not to beat yourself up with negative thoughts, and instead give yourself the space to enjoy something, free of guilt.

Add happy

Take a step back and ask yourself: “Why do I attend 6am yoga classes, drink veggie juices or eliminate carbs from my diet?” If the answer is because you want to be healthy or thin, then consider adding some activities to your life that also make you happy. Because at the end of the day, the things you enjoy are the things that make you feel good and enhance your life in the long run.

What floats your boat?

If you hate spinach but force yourself to eat it because it’s technically considered healthy, you can do yourself a favour and ditch that leafy green right now. Doing things you don’t enjoy is a waste of time and a burden you don’t need. Instead, choose the healthy activities that you enjoy and forget the ones you don’t, because life’s too short to force-feed yourself green juice.

Let yourself be yourself

Allow yourself to feel negative emotions without judgment. This will help you acknowledge and accept every part of yourself, reducing self-loathing and anxiety. After all, real love involves loving someone’s flaws just as much as their good traits.

Press pause

Sometimes, all you need to do is nothing – a mindful pause. This is a restorative, soothing, and loving act for your mind and body that helps you relax and quieten down. Block off an hour of your day to sit still and pause, without any expectations or pressure. Simply give yourself the time and space to what you like in that moment, whether it’s watching passersby from your office window or taking a lunchtime walk.

At the end of the day, self-love is not about how many super-food smoothies you’ve eaten this week or how many meditation sessions you can fit into your schedule. Self-love is about relaxing into yourself, giving yourself the space and the freedom to feel, think and do as you please. If something makes you smile, laugh or simply helps you get through the day a little more easily, then you should jolly well do it.

And above all, choose to be yourself.

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