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Why sleeping is the most underrated activity for your health.

What is the hottest health trend at the moment? Probiotics? Prebiotics? HIIT? Wearing activewear despite having no intention to visit the gym? Nope. It’s sleep, people.

Considering today’s demanding work hours that require us to be online and available 24/7, not to mention the rate at which social media and technology is taking over our lives, it’s no wonder we’re a sleep-deprived generation.

And while you may think those bags under your eyes are Prada, displaying your work ethic, they’re actually indicative of an array of health problems, as new research shows that sleep deprivation can cause weight gain, anxiety, and out-of-whack hormones, and can be as harmful as drunk driving, chronic overeating, or not exercising.

If you’re experiencing one of the below symptoms, you’re probably lacking some shuteye:


Recent studies link Brain fog to food deficiencies and intolerances, but it can also be caused by lack of sleep.

The night shift

Do you often wake up sore and achy? Your body repairs tissues while you’re asleep, which means that a lack of sleep can leave you in pain.

A tipping scale

Inadequate sleep has been associated with an increased risk of obesity, which is linked to a variety of other chronic illnesses and diseases.

Weak immune system

If you always seem to be fighting a cold, it might be because you’re sleep deprived. Rest helps boost your immune system, improve your overall health and fight off harmful germs.

Nap attacks

Although it’s normal to sometimes be tired during the day, falling asleep on the couch or at the wheel may be a sign of sleep apnoea, (when the airway collapses during sleep and sleepers snore loudly). If you usually snore when you’re lying on your back, try switching it up and sleeping on your side. Besides helping your partner to have a better night, this can also lower your blood pressure.

Hot nights

Night sweats can indicate low oestrogen in a woman or testosterone in men. It can also reflect nighttime acid reflux, infections, or drops in blood sugar while sleeping. The latter suggests adrenal fatigue, which is likely present if you get “hangry” during the day. This can be helped by upping your evening snack game before bedtime, with protein-rich food like boiled eggs or organic cheese.

Natural sleep aids to help you along:


L-theanine is an organic compound found in green tea leaves. It has been likened to “meditation in a capsule,” stimulating the brain waves seen in deep meditation.

Releaf Theanine is a product of natural origin used to assist and temporarily promote relaxation, helping to maintain healthy sleep while also acting as a caffeine antagonist, so you don’t have to cut out your afternoon cuppa.

So basically, you have full permission to put your feet up more, in fact, you should.

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