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Hey, it’s okay if your idea journal is feeling as empty as your mind, even famous artists were hit by creative block at some point, and after all, we’re all only human.

Which is why it’s nice to get a little help sometimes:

Move it, move it

Philosopher and author Henry Thoreau claimed his thoughts began to flow ‘the moment my legs began to move.’ Henry James and Thomas Mann also took walks before starting to write. And if it was good enough for them, then the rest of us should definitely give it a try.

Especially since modern research has now revealed that exercising regularly (four or more times a week) really does improve creative thought.

Best get your walking shoes on then.

The magic sage wand

While we can’t confirm whether Henry James burnt sage wands, we can confirm he should’ve. An ancient space clearing ritual, the smoke released from a burning sage wand floods the air with negative ions that creates a space filled with fresh, positive energy.

Sleeping on the job

Light some candles, (yes, more burning) play some relaxing music, fluff up your pillows and treat yourself to seven to eight hours of heavenly slumber.

Just before you drift off, try visualise that when you wake up, you will find the creative solutions you need.

Durn the lights down low, baby

Oddly enough, dim lighting has been linked to better creative performance. A recent study showed that darkness makes us feel more ‘risky’ and free to explore. Even if you can’t physically turn the lights down, just taking five minutes to imagine and describe the experience of being in the dark can boost creativity, which certainly sounds like an interesting creative exercise.

The thing about Theanine

L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea leaves, reduce stress and anxiety, while elevating serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, helping to regulate mood, concentration, emotion, concentration, sleep, appetite and energy.

L-Theanine also helps to increase alpha brain waves, producing feelings of calm, relaxed focus and creating a state of “wakeful relaxation”, (the state of mind you experience while meditating, being creative, or daydreaming.)

Try Releaf Theanine, a natural product that acts as a caffeine antagonist, helps with sleep, and temporarily promotes relaxation and stress without any known side effects.

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