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If you are currently reading this from the safety of your electric duvet watching bad, daytime TV with a mound of damp tissues and a permanent sneeze, have no fear, we’ve rounded up 5 tried and tested, natural cold and flu treatments:

1. Echinacea

Yes, we’ve talked about this gem before because, well, it’s an antibacterial gem and one of the most well known natural cold remedies. Containing polysaccharides that increase the body’s production of white blood cells, which fight infection, Echinacea has also been found to ease cold and flu symptoms as well as shorten the duration of a cold, sometimes by three or four days.

2. Elderberry

An Australian study that followed 312 air travelers who flew a minimum of seven hours, revealed that those who took Austrian elderberyy experienced far fewer illnesses as a group, and if they did get sick, their symptoms were more mild, and the duration of their cold was shorter.

3. Propolis

Collected from trees, produced by bees, who use it to protect their hives from disease-causing invaders, Propolis, which is Greek for “defender of the city”, has strong antiviral and antibacterial activity.

A study at the University of Heidelberg revealed that within six hours, probolis had stopped the activity of two separate disease-causing bacteria, so clearly it’s time you add some propolis to your day.

Try some in the form of ointment, crème, essence, pills, lozenges, syrup, food supplements, nasal and oral spray.

4. Andrographis

Although less famous, this herb has a wealth of cold and flu benefits, including relieving symptops like fatigue, sore throat, runny nose and lack of sleep in just two days.

5. Vitamin D

As it’s in charge of many different health functions, a deficiency in vitamin D puts you more at risk of allergies, flu and respiratory ailments. One long-term study discovered that more vitamin D3 lowers can lower the risk of infection, while another showed that low vitamin D levels are associated with more sneezing and sinus infections.

Try catch as much sunlight as you can and eat foods rich in vitamin D to boost your vitamin D intake not just this cold and flu season, but for all year round.

6. African Ginger

A traditional African medicine that has antihistaminic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, African Ginger has been used for generations to treat allergic reactions, colds, coughs and influenza, and to clear the nasal passages relieve asthma.

Try Releaf African Ginger for a completely natural source of this golden good stuff.

Another all natural cold and flu antidote is Releaf Cough and Cold Effervescent & Syrup, which boosts your immune system with vitamin C and alleviates symptoms.

Feeling better already? We thought so.

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