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No, Joburg isn’t just about belly-cramping beef and beer, there are many restaurants that cater to food intolerances and provide delicious healthy options.

These are 5 of our favourites:

1. Conscious 108

Founded by three vegan Buddhists, Conscious 108 is a small trendy vegan eatery that aims to offer Joburgers healthy, considered meals. With a chilled atmosphere and simple, tasty food both vegans and carnivores will love, Conscious 108 is the perfect midweek stop that won’t break your healthy eating regime or leave you bloated for the rest of the day.

2. Voodoo Lily Café

This little café offers food that’s as pretty as it is tasty, organic and sustainably made.  For a belly-friendly breakfast, try the organic oats topped with easily-digested banana and raw honey as the perfect start to your day. Also on the menu is poached eggs, spicy Shakshuka and a traditional Jewish pancake with cream cheese and berry coulis for those with a sweet tooth.

3. Free Food

Spearhead of the vegan scene in Johannesburg, Ariel Cohen, has transformed his range of prepared vegan meals into a quirky café. With a menu that includes kale, cauliflower and ginger soup, brown funghi and calamata olive pizza, quinoa tofu with shititake mushroom, tofu mayo and ginger jelly, Cohen is always looking for new ways to mix flavours and ingredients. And the results are pretty tasty, as well as gluten, sugar, wheat, dairy, preservative and meat free.

4. Jackson’s Real Food

Inspired by his Mediterranean-diet loving wife, Gary Jackson, opened a healthy restaurant/grocer/ bakery/butchery that’s a healthy foodie’s paradise. Whether’s it’s a traditional fry-up you’re after, a banting breakfast, or a vegan breakfast bowl made with raw kale, avo, mushroom and cherry tomatoes fried in coconut oil, sprinkled with mixed seeds and served with sourdough bread that will soothe inflamed bellies.

5. Fresh Earth Food

If you’ve got a food intolerance, IBS or are just prone to bloat and belly ache, then this the perfect place to pop in for a gluten-free, sugar-free, low-carb, vegan and banting meal. Make sure to also check out their cute health store to stock up on organic groceries, household goods and pet food.

So there you have it, happy Joburg bellies all round! And for extra digestive support, check out Releaf’s all natural probiotics range, which includes a Probiotic 12-strain, (available in both a tablet and dissolving sachet form) a Probiotic Active 12-strain, and Probiotic kids chews for little tummies.

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