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Last month we discussed how walking can help get your creative juices flowing…
Now it seems that the instruction “walk it off,” commonly given to short-tempered sportsmen, actually works!

Want to know how to relieve stress simply by exercising? Lace up your sneakers and start walking today – sound too good to be true?
Keep reading to find out what the research has to say. 

Make Walking Your Winter Working For Stress Relief!

“Walking is an inexpensive, low risk and accessible form of exercise and it turns out that combined with nature and group settings, it may be a very powerful, under-utilized stress buster,” said Sarah Warber, associate professor of family medicine at the University of Michigan. 

A study conducted at the University of Michigan and published in the journal Ecopsychology, followed nearly 2000 people over the course of 3000 nature walks, and the results were astounding. These nature walks seemed to have a positive impact on the mood and stress levels of the people involved in the study, especially those who had suffered recent traumatic events.

The study forms part of a growing body of research that proves that walking has many physical and mental benefits, such as:

Walking of the weight

It turns out that you don’t have to lift heavy weights, run for hours on end or hire a personal trainer if you don’t want to, as a simple, brisk 1,5 km walk burns an average of 100 calories, depending on your gender and weight of course.

A healthier heart

Walking regularly has proven to reduce the risk of stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and even heart disease. With stress levels dissipating with every new step you take, just imagine the effects on your overall health!

Bones of content

Research shows that walking can help prevent hip fractures, especially for women, who when taking regular walks, (at least 8 hours a week) are as unlikely to suffer hip fractures as women on hormone replacement therapy

Setting your mind at ease

Now this is where it really gets interesting! According to a  2013 British study, nature walks can put the brain into a state of meditation. Therefore, when you decide that you want to go for a walk — think green, and let all your worries simply melt away.

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Put your best foot forward…

So, if you can’t face that 6 am spinning class this winter – all you have to do is wrap up warm and take a walk around the block. Better yet, take the scenic route through your local park to keep your heart, head and hips happy.