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If the mention of yet another health and wellness trend makes you want to roll your eyes more than the rolling eyes emoji, we don’t blame you. From waist trainers to the keto diet, detox teas and juice cleanses, social media is continuously flooded with content around the latest “healthy” thing you just have to try.

In the case of Blue Majik, however, you may, actually just have to try it.

Identifiable by its bright, naturally-induced blue colour, this hot new form of microalgae spirulina is taking over from the traditional green spirulina, because of its many potential health benefits, which include improving digestive health, boosting thyroid function and reducing inflammation.

According to Brooke Alpert, a registered dietitian and author of The Diet Detox, “Blue Majik is rich in vitamin B12, vitamin A and iron, which are all part of a balanced and healthy diet. Vitamin B12 is essential for nervous system function and the creation of red blood cells. Vitamin A supports healthy eye function and a healthy immune system. Iron and other minerals help build strong bones and teeth, blood, skin and hair.” Alpert adds that Blue Majik may be particularly beneficial to vegans and vegetarians, as they often struggle with B12 and iron deficiencies.

While Alpert agrees the ingredient does have health and nutrition potential, others in the wellness world are far more vocal about its merits, “To say that this powerhouse ingredient is a superfood is an understatement,” says Simone Shepard, VP of product development at Juice Generation, which sells a Blue Majik-spiked Holy Water juice blend. “Blue Majik has risen amongst purveyors of health drinks and foods because of its richness in amino acids and antioxidants. It boasts a powerful deck of nutrients: protein, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins A, K, B12, iron and manganese.”

Its Insta-popularity is probably just as because of its beautiful blue hue, which may conjure up childhood memories of sugar-coloured bubblegum and candy floss, as it is because of its nutritional benefits.

How do you start waving the Blue Majik wand? Alpert suggests following the drool-worthy Instagram videos and adding it to your breakfast smoothie #eatyourblues. You can also take an easier route and chuck it into a pre/post workout protein shake.

Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle, co-founders of Sakara, a wellness company that specialises in delivering fresh and organic meals, believe firmly in the magic blue dust: “Research shows phycocyanin, the active pigment-protein complex in Blue Spirulina, can remove heavy metals, protect cells from DNA damage caused by ageing and the environment and reduce disease-causing inflammation throughout the body,” says Tingle. “It also helps boost immunity, encourages an ideal pH balance and is rich in beautifying minerals.”

However, here’s the small print: “There is still not a great deal of information about Blue Majik, and there are no long-term studies that address possible side effects or negative health outcomes,” cautions Alpert, who urges those interested in adding the supplement to their diet to consult a health practitioner first.

She adds that some people have experienced side-effects such as stomach trouble, dizziness and fatigue, and that “anyone who might have underlying health issues where the consumption of vitamin B12 or iron could be dangerous should avoid this supplement.”

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