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While intermittent fasting has become all the rage, snacking between meals helps to curb cravings, regulate moods, boost brain power and stabilise blood sugar levels. So by all means, snack away. Just make sure you snack smart.

Monica Auslander Moreno, registered dietician and founder of Miami’s premier concierge nutrition practice, Essence Nutrition, urges us to be suspicious of so-called ‘healthy snacks’: “…be careful with foods advertised as light, low-fat and sugar-free, and so on…they’re more likely to be full of weird chemicals and sweeteners to make sure the product still tastes good. [That’s why] I’m all about that full-fat life!”

Also, be particularly wary of carb-heavy snacks like crackers, granola bars and popcorn, which often have hidden refined flour: “…sometimes foods advertised as whole grain don’t really have many whole grains – just a few specks or dyes to turn it brown and fool you.”

The key? Becoming a regular label reader: “READ. LABELS. If the whole grain isn’t listed in the first few ingredients, the product probably doesn’t actually have a whole lot of whole grain. Even your 100% whole wheat bread likely has added sugar lurking within.”

So, what ‘good’ snacks should we look out for?

“Wheat is so 2000 and late. Instead, opt for buckwheat, flax and sprouted grains. And you know what a good alternative to reading a bunch of labels on snack foods and littering the world with packaged things is? WHOLE FOODS. AKA an apple, a handful of almonds, a bag of carrots or celery, guac, hummus and natural nut butter. Snacking on things like fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds will give you the most nutritional mileage out of your snack.”

The renowned dietician also recommends pairing food groups (fat, protein, fibre and carbs) to ensure your snack is balanced and satisfying.

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